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An informal poll shows that fans are split on this one. So there are two ways this can work in terms of big picture. Let's just have 9-1 votes and 8-1 votes." That could happen, but only for a short while. The other option is that somebody on the bottom could force a tie to get themselves out of a jam and force a rock draw so they can get a second life. [Season 12 and 31 castaway] Terry Deitz is taking selfies while he's flying planes, [Game Changers castmember] Aubry Bracco recently met a group of fans from Costa Rica, Boston Rob and Amber [who met on Survivor and have both won the show] posted a picture of their children wearing Survivor buffs. When I see something like Rob and Amber, who have a family now, and they met on Survivor, fell in love on Survivor and they both won Survivor — and he proposed to her on Survivor? Because when we're on the show, I'm business. On one hand, you can say, well, they're easy pickings. You will go look for an idol, you will risk playing it for somebody else, you might give a reward to somebody strategically — all of the things you hope will happen in a season — versus the guy who says, "I want to play with honor and try to get to the end." OK…not sure about that.

Instead, they move straight to the tiebreaker, an open forum with which to reach a unanimous decision as a tribe — or else risk going home by picking the wrong rock out of a bag. Former players are celebrating the upcoming episode online with #Survivor500, posting photos and recording videos around the world. He was so popular that he couldn't go into a diamond store, so we worked on it undercover. I think one of the biggest misperceptions about me is that I'm on some level cold toward the players. The risk you have with putting people on the show who don't know the game is the same risk you have of having a final poker table with people who can't play poker. I'll admit, when I see somebody who is a super fan and they're a great potential player, they go to the top of the list, because I know you know how to play, and I know you want to play. Is this typically the busiest time of the year for Survivor?

Tamara Antrice "Taj" Johnson-George (born Tamara Antrice Johnson; April 29, 1971) also known as Tamara George is an American singer, rapper, actress, and author.

Best known as one-third of the R&B singing group Sisters with Voices (SWV), she was also a contestant on Survivor: Tocantins.

I'm saying to my crew all the time, all the time: "Remember, imagine a family at home trying to eat. It has to be phenomenal." I know we can deliver for adults. Maybe we're going to go too far one day and go, "We have to dial it back." Or maybe we'll realize we have to keep going and keep pushing forward.

They are taking precious time out of their day to watch our show. I don't mind when people hate something we did. Sometimes I agree and sometimes I disagree, but it doesn't matter, as long as we're all honest.

Almost 17 years ago to the day, 16 men and women traveled to the South China Sea to play out the adventure of a lifetime. I really do believe that a lot of people who don't watch Survivor would love it.

Nearly two full decades later, Survivor rages on, albeit a long way away from Borneo. In the last two years, I've probably had five new friends who have come into my life and have decided to watch Survivor, having never watched before.



Across it all, through multiple schools of thought on how to approach the game, at least one constant remains: Jeff Probst, who has hosted Survivor since the days of Rowdy Rudy's Diner. As Survivor hits the impressive (and rare) milestone 500, Probst sat down with The Hollywood Reporter for a candid conversation about the show, including his explanation for its longevity, the creative approach to arcing out each episode of the series, what to expect from Every Survivor fan has at least one story in common: the time when somebody who doesn't watch the show came up and asked, "Is that show still on? And then I have it from people you can tell are trying to take a shot at me. " And they would go, "Oh, I love that show." And I would go, "Oh, so you do watch TV!

These days, Probst serves as executive producer and showrunner, presiding over Survivor as it reaches its milestone 500th episode with the March 8 premiere of Survivor: Game Changers — only the fourth season in the show's history to feature a full-fledged cast of returning players. You're just trying to let me know you don't watch Survivor." (Laughs.) But I get it.



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