Outlook 2016 calendar appointments not updating

Task: A task is an activity that involves only you and doesn't need a scheduled time.

To open a recurring calendar event or to change its details, double-click on the occurence.

When you create any type of calendar entry, a reminder is set automatically.

Outlook will notify you of your appointments and meetings 15 minutes before they start.

This response is then sent to the Meeting Coordinator and Outlook tracks the responses.


With an event, you can still have other entries appear in your schedule for that day.

You will be presented with two options: Open this Occurrence: Choose this option when you want to see or change just one instance, not the entire series.

Open the Series: Choose this option when you want to see or change an entire repeating series.

​• Meeting request is out of date​​• Outlook Calendaring Issue : Meeting "Not Current", unable to accept meetingupdates.​• Recurring Meeting "Not Current," unable to accept meeting requests​​• "This meeting request was updated after this message was sent"​​ There are some indications this may be caused by a difference in clock times between the Outlook client, and the Exchange server.


This issue has been confirmed to occur with Microsoft migrations as well, using the Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Replication Service (MRS) Proxy service.It can help to define the differences between Appointments, Meetings, Events, and Tasks to better understand which entry you would like to enter into your calendar: Appointment: An appointment is an activity that involves only you, at a scheduled time.



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