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The information is helpful in understanding and dismantling Darwinian foundations.

Some of my favorite articles are the biomimetics articles revealing the fantastic design that is obvious to anyone not blinded by the evolutionary goggles.

Wishing you every success.” (an author in Ireland) “ I appreciate your reviews more than I can tell.

Being able to find the references enables me to share them with my colleagues and students.” (a teacher in Virginia) “ Thank you for your site.

Not only are you on top of things but you do garnish the dish well!

” (an IT security consultant in the midwest) “ I always thought that science and the Bible should not be at odds with each other and prayed that God would reveal the truth about evolution/creation through science to us.

The commentaries are priceless, and love the embedded humor and clever innuendoes... ” (a database administrator in Texas) “ Creation Evolution Headlines is my favorite website on intelligent design and Darwinism.

This is both due to your being always on the cutting edge of all the latest research relevant to the debate over evolution, as well as due to your soberness coupled with your uncomprimising [sic] stand against Darwinism. Please keep it up all costs.” (founder of the Danish Society for Intelligent Design, who is beginning to translate some of our articles into Danish at “ Thank you for your work.

your website is mesmerising and i sincerely thank you for it.This truth has dawned on physicists too: universal equations are all very well, but the world actually consists of particular solutions, and these are generally the result of contingent history.One size does not always fit all.” Nature Editorial, 14 April 2011.You show how the theory of macroevolution makes absolutely no contribution to scientific progress and in fact impedes scientific progress.

Conversely you show how the design assumption points the way toward true progress in science.” (an aerospace engineer in California) “ Your website is by far the best for getting the most up to date news on what is going on in the science realm, and then separating the ‘useful’ information from the ‘baloney’.

You have a knack for ripping the mask off of Darwin. ” (an electrical engineer in North Carolina) “ I love your work.


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