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This is called "probable cause." When the police arrive, tell them: make an arrest.


An example of a misdemeanor is Assault in the Third Degree, which results in physical injury by "substantial pain or impairment of physical condition." Violation: A violation is sometimes called a "petty offense." A violation is not technically considered a crime. An example of a violation is Harassment in the Second Degree, which could be a verbal threat, slap, or push that does not result in physical injury. If both people have committed misdemeanor-level crimes, the police must determine who the "primary aggressor" was.Deciding whether to involve the police or to get protection from the courts can be difficult.An advocate can help you understand the police, courts, and other systems in your community.If your partner has harassed or threatened you more than once, or if you are afraid of future harm, tell the police because it may give them the evidence they need to charge the abuser with a misdemeanor instead of a violation.

In 2008, an important change was made to how New York State family and criminal law defines “family or household member.” It now includes people who are (or have been) in an intimate relationship.

This means figuring out which person was more responsible for what happened.



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