Nutty adult chay


Wanting to be ensured of a place on the ferry required to leave the island, we arrived at the waiting lot extra early and it was providential to be the second car loaded.It was cold, bumpy, and rainy as we sat bundled in our truck on the ferry, and darkness enveloped the ocean at much too early of an hour.Truman Capote, a rather cynical writer, penned in Summer Crossing: “Oh, I adore to cook.It makes me feel so mindless in a worthwhile way.” While that may ring with some truth, it’s not the mindlessness I aspire to.The vehicles were loaded three across in the center of the boat, and with no other car ahead to block the dark ocean, we had only the scrambled seas in front of us.


I’ve always wondered why some people entertain and some people don’t, why some people are hospitable and some are not, and why some love to cook for others and some would rather be eaten by the animal than prepare and share it with another.There, too, was the young woman in her police car, sitting with our coolers, suitcases, and wrapped gifts, reminding me that she said she would take care of things.Wanting the whole adventure to go away and determined to get to my delayed dining destination, we instructed our cab driver to drive us the few short blocks to Islands Inn, where The Petite Wine Bar was located.Her mother, too, was an innkeeper and has obviously passed on her talents and traits to her daughter.

Again demonstrating her generous nature, Bela has offered to share the delectable recipe for the Crab Cakes and Apple Slaw that is presently on her appetizer menu.Perfectly prepared, I don’t hesitate to say that it’s one of the best hamburgers I’ve ever eaten.


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