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It gives guys an opportunity a day to recover and only come into the club to fine-tune anything. Have breakfast – Weetbix and I usually have a coffee on game day just to wake up a bit.I generally just come in and get some physio and light massage, some recovery sessions, and an ice bath and get the body feeling really good for the game. I start to hydrate and drink plenty of water to get going. The last thing I have on the way into the game is usually a Mars Bar for the sugar hit, plus a Powerade.

________ Brad Johnson, captain of the Western Bulldogs and very nice bloke.It’s our main session, with all our competitive stuff, tackling and so on, and drills to hopefully beat the opposition at the weekend. 2pm Lunch is a little bit later and guys can do what they want after that. Guys will come info some treatment, maybe do some light goal kicking or some touch with the footies.Every club varies, but we’ll always do our main session two days before the game.You might run over, say, 40m – a cone at 10m, 20m, 30m and 40m. You might do your shuttles, then five minutes rest, then some sprint efforts – five to eight efforts over 100m. That recovery is very important – make sure you give it enough time, whether it’s a walk back or a drink, then go again. Late afternoon: jump in the ice bath, then head home and relax. 1pm Have an opposition meeting, where we look at who we’re playing for the next game.

Run to the first cone, back to the start, run to the second cone, back to the start… The ice bath is very unpleasant – probably the worst part of our footy. I normally use that day to catch up with a few people, but most guys will at least come to the club and do massage and physio on the day as well. Most guys will bring their lunch, or we’ll have it supplied. Thursday 8.30 Wake up early and get to the club for a weights session.

Hip Flexor It’s fantastic for loosening up your hip area and that’s where your range comes when you start your sprint work so you can go a bit quicker.


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