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You might have missed the show's opening, which featured classical musicians performing in the nude, but it's probably not the last figurative nude art show we'll write about this year.Leifheit cited Art F City founder Paddy Johnson in our e-conversation: "The figure is back." Make that, the naked figure.From Henri Matisse's "The Dance" to Diego Velázquez's "Rokeby Venus" to Marcel Duchamp's "Nude Descending a Staircase," the appropriations breathed life into nude standards many hold near and dear to their hearts.Some images appear remarkably similar to their historical antecedents, others take liberties to create a new photograph from an old painting.

The fruits of his labor are currently on view at SVA, in a pop-up exhibition titled "Artsy Nudes." For the project, he gave his participating students a simple prompt: choose any nude work of art from all of art history and recreate it.

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The goal of this assignment was to teach that even if you try very hard to remake someone else's work, your photographs can only be your own." "I'm interested in the stuff dead artists leave behind, and how those kind of archives can be reanimated or collaborated with," he added over email.


"Artsy Nudes" is on its final leg at SVA (the show closes this weekend), though VICE fans can look forward to a 10-page spread of the works in this month's magazine.

"Nudes are hot right now," photographer Matthew Leifheit mused in an email exchange with Huff Post.


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