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One was a typical advertisement, similar to a television commercial, and featured a celebrity promotion.

The other was a nearly six-times-longer, how-to video by a video blogger.

For example, there are the “all-around e-shoppers”—18 million consumers in Tier-1 cities and 13 million in outlying areas—who research and make purchases across all major product categories.

We have identified the “beauty addict” segment of nine million young, female, urban consumers who research and purchase cosmetics products online; the 36 million “wellness shoppers,” who are female consumers in non-urban areas who buy and research health and beauty products online; and “online travelers,” consumers typically over the age of 36 who research and buy travel exclusively online.

Fully 24% of all clothing and footwear and 18% of all travel is now purchased online.


Then why is it that only one in four consumers over the age of 16 in the region has ever made an online purchase?

These preferences are already helping companies determine how best to use the format to win shoppers.

For example, one major fast-moving consumer goods company created two separate videos to promote a hair styling product in Indonesia.

Another characteristic sets Southeast Asians apart from online shoppers in other markets: Digital consumers in this region choose from a large number of sites (see Figure 4).

As evidence of the market fragmentation, consider that no retail platform is the preferred platform for more than 20% of consumers in any country.First, it’s important to recognize that consumers here are technology leapfrogs.


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