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• In Latin America and the Caribbean, of the 4.4 million abortions performed in the region in 2008, 95% were unsafe.In seven of the 34 countries, abortion is not permitted, and in eight others, it's allowed only to save a woman's life.Recently, Ghoncheh Ghavami and fellow protesters were arrested for demanding to be allowed into a stadium in Tehran.• Whether it's walking around your neighborhood at night, with headphones in, or even just being on your own, there is always a fear of being harassed.• Earlier this year, Stop Street Harassment commissioned a 2,000-person survey in the US that found 65% of all women had experienced street harassment: "23% of them having been sexually touched, 20% had been followed, and 9% had been forced to do something sexual."• A survey conducted by End Violence Against Women Coalition revealed that 43% of young women in London (aged 18-34) experienced sexual harassment in public spaces in 2012.These are just a few examples of studies that reveal the true extent of street harassment.• Meanwhile, the Stop Telling Women To Smile project is addressing gender-based street harassment with awesome posters.• In Saudi Arabia and Vatican City, women are not allowed to vote." to a survivor of sexual assault, restrictions and judgement made on what women wear can be seen every single day.• Here is a recap of what women have been told not to wear in 2014.• Some studies show that only seven states in the US guarantee that women's birth control prescriptions will be filled.

These include Venezuela in Latin America, Indonesia in Asia, Cameroon and Chad in Africa, and Denmark and Russia in Europe." Earlier this year, a new law in Afghanistan that would silence victims of violence against women was implemented.My colleague of 10 years (and co-host for 5 years on The Nine) Kam Carman is moving on to the next chapter in her life– what she winningly calls “Kam 2.0!


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