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to MP3) and bit rate in this menu as well (with the latter using a slider).

Once you're all set, you can then click on the "Start Rip" button. Once you're done ripping, you'll see the message "Ripped to library" next to each song.

Make sure you uncheck the "Always do this for Audio CDs" box so your computer doesn't automatically launch the Rip menu every time you insert a CD (i.e.

in case you just want to listen to a CD next time).

The latest WMP 12, for example, has some differences with its Library and preview functions but is still quite similar to WMP 11.


We'll look at two ways to rip or copy music from a CD via Windows Media Player: a quick rip option and a normal rip option.

You can also still update the album and track info manually in Windows Media Player by right clicking on each individual piece of info you want to edit (e.g. Otherwise, you can also go into your music folder or wherever you saved your tunes and edit each file manually.


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