Mayan dating system


This was similar to the Gregorian calendar in that it consisted of months, and within months, of days numbered consecutively.

However, unlike the Gregorian calendar, the haab cycle is made up of eighteen months of twenty days each, plus five days at the end of the year. The haab cycle thus consisted of 18×20 5 = 365 days, the integral number of days closest to the mean solar year of 365.2422 mean solar days.

The Mayan Calendar speaks of human consciousness and earth evolution, within a pattern of energy shifts within cycles of nature.

Like the Hindu calendar it measures periods of higher consciousness, and periods of lower consciousness, all related to our Universal electromagnetism and Solar activity. What if we align ourselves with our cosmic affluence and accept once and for all that we are part of the Cosmos and as such, we are also cosmic bodies governed by the same natural laws that govern everything in the Universe.

There are many long count dates inscribed in the stellae and written in the codices. Each tzolkin day is denoted by a combination of a number from 1 through 13 and a name from the set of twenty (in the order: Imix, Ik, Akbal, Kan ….): The days cycle through the numbers and through the names independently.

Calculation of the decimal equivalent of a long count yields a number of days. kin A widely-accepted school of thought holds that in the Maya long count system marks the beginning of a new cycle, and so is equivalent to The sequence of tzolkin days thus runs: The cycle of (13) tzolkin day numbers combined with (20) tzolkin day names repeats each 260 days.


Nonetheless all these theories about how the world will end, seem to distract from the fact that the Mayan calendar measures a constant cycle of beginning.A typical Mayan date looks like this: .2.6, 3 Cimi 4 Zotz. One of the ‘gears’ is called the tzolkin, or Sacred Round. The smaller wheels together represent the 260-day Sacred Round; the inner wheel, with the numbers one to thirteen, meshes with the glyphs for the 20 day names on the outer wheel.


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