Matt leinart dating cacee cobb


She's always wanted to make a record like this, but I don't think the timing has been right until now. When I'm with her I joke with her and call her Yoko. Donald was so excited he was coming because he wanted to wear his New York Giants sweatshirt - and he did. Personally (laughing), I don't think he wanted to have to listen to Donald. You should go out with him sometime.' But I just wasn't into it. For the next year, every single time he saw me he asked me for my number. Maybe next time." KOTR: But eventually you caved in, right? He called a few days later and we went out to dinner and had the best time. So I still lived in Dallas, but I would meet her in other cities and travel with her and handle all of her shows and appearances. I remember the first night I ever went to work with her, I met her in Atlanta.

Spokespeople for the two have denied that they were ever an item, but gossips insist that they’ve secretly dated.We've been through so much together both good and bad. A girl that works at the Coffee Bean wanted the season set of DVDs. He said, 'Britney Spears almost ran me over.' Some things about Hollywood I'll never understand. CACEE: I really don't have anything to say about Britney Spears that hasn't been said already, but I don't think that dating paparazzi is really going to help her problems. Once I figured it all out, there were so many instances with Jessica that would be written about, and I'd think, 'I was there. Sometimes magazines will hire people to follow you around and sit close to you at restaurants so they can eaves drop. They would come up to Jessica at restaurants, ask for an autograph and then say, 'What are you going to do the rest of the day? ' I can't even fathom how annoying it would be for someone like her who has to deal with it regularly. Some "publications" have said you were childhood friends.We make a great team and we want to make a great record together. CACEE: I just mean that she's a sweet person who's been through a lot the last few years. We live in a world where people want to say mean things and bring people down. Donald kept forgetting to take them to her so I gave her all of mine. KOTR: Switching gears a bit Having grown up in Texas, how have you liked living in Los Angeles? CACEE: (Laughing) That, as you know, isn't true at all. When I was in college (at North Texas) I started working at Sony's Southwest branch in Dallas. I would book studios and book travel and deal with different aspects of scheduling and planning and other stuff.(That's a myth since weight training helps you stay slender and toned, and is a more effective way to shape your body than aerobics.) Here is Jessica in Ok!

Last weekend I flew to Los Angeles to watch Kevin Love and the UCLA Bruins avenge last month's loss to USC.

Star Magazine claims she's gained 20 pounds, though, and even fan site says she's sporting a fuller figure.


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