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※Any applicants who qualify within any of the conditions below can apply for an E2 visa at Korean embassy/ consulate of a third party country. Applicants with a past history of an E1 visa (university professor), E2 visa (English instructor), E3 visa (academic research/ student visa), with no history of breaking Korean law b.

A member of the Korean University Education Union/ Community that verifies academic qualifications Interview Questions and Process - Personal interviews will be conducted using the interview questions listed below (Consul’s Checklist for E2 Applicant) - If the Korean e\Embassy/ Consulate deems that the applicant lives an unreasonable distance to be physically present for a personal interview, a web cam interview via the internet will be substituted AGE ISSUES: Some recruiters and even some consulate websites discourage people who are 55 to 60 from applying to teach in Korea.



The concern about 'correct' accents has diminished in recent years.In 2015, Korean media reported that Korea is also now accepting citizens of 4 additional countries for English teaching positions at primary and secondary schools nationwide - India, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore.


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