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Jason’s situation is the opposite of what most speakers and writers like me usually talk about; we typically mention that it’s the wife who seems more relational, but in this case, Jason is the one who desires the soulful discussions and a commitment to work on the relationship.

Maria says she wants that, too, in the abstract, but the only talk she initiates is about surface things: decorating the house, what the kids need done, or something her mother told her.

I already almost feel like I’m selling my soul just living as I am, but what I’m doing isn’t working, so unless I want this to all blow up in my face, I need to step it up until I am ready to get out, on my own terms.


How Loneliness Impacts Our Physical and Mental Health We typically don’t conceive of loneliness as a condition that requires urgent intervention, but perhaps we should.

(Word of caution, Vaknin is himself a self proclaimed Narcissist, so sometimes he is hard to listen to and makes me want to punch him though the screen, but he is a good source of information).



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    They also deny that Kidman was considered a Suppressive Person, or that they objected to Cruz’s religious beliefs, or that Cruise’s children took a course on how to identify Suppressive Persons.

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    The DJ has previously been linked to Spice Girls singer Mel C and was in an eight-year relationship with TV producer Sophie Waite.

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