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So my wife was of course the right person for this job. in an office in their house (the baroque castle) to cover preparation time and after school lessons.

Once or twice a month she would have to work on Saturday and/or Sunday.

I hope, this will convince you to start teaching me.

I’d be really happy and very grateful if you do so.

It was a relaxed atmosphere and Steven stood in the back of the kitchen, watching us closely and following the talk. Steven led us out after we said good bye to his parents and told my wife before we left: “One thing I can claim for myself.

I’ll be the most interesting and exciting student you ever had.


Neither the parents nor Ines had much time at this moment and they made a date for Ines to visit the family the following week in early May. It was old, reminding me of a baroque castle, but everything was rebuilt and new. the clay plastering and its shape around a window corner.

There was money, a lot, if they paid cash for this masterpiece. This was the type of men she liked since her youth.

We were greeted by Steven, the son and planned future victim of my wife. Maybe 18 years old, dark short hair, blue eyes, maybe 1.95m tall and broad shoulders. (Well, I’m looking quite similar but a lot older without the gym trained body and the blue eyes but with more grey in my hair ... ;-) Steven invited us in and in the kitchen we met his mum and dad.

The job offer came from a friend of a friends friend.

He knew what we were doing since one of his nieces had been our student once and she loved my wife as her teacher.

And if their son would finish his exams with a B grade or better, she would get this for lifetime.


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