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To begin to diagnose the idle problem, we will need to first need to look at the vacuum hoses.In this case, I have decided to replace all the hoses just for extra insurance.Just remove the hose clamps on either end, and pull the old hoses off.Now cut the new hose to the same length as the old ones, push them on and tighten the hose clamps.

In some cases, even a leaking valve cover gasket or oil filler cap can cause this leak, so make sure your valve cover is properly sealed.Vacuum hose is cheap, so you might as well replace all the hoses.Now look at the passenger side of the engine at the top of the valve cover.First off, most modern BMW's from 1986 and on use the Bosch Motronic fuel injection system. If you look at the throttle body or carburetor of any car, it is essentially a valve or a series of valves.

The Motronic system is probably one of the most reliable fuel systems on the market, and is still widely used in most European cars. A vacuum leak will usually cause the car to idle higher. When you begin to open the valve, air is able to flow into the engine, increasing the engine speed.

Now look above the valve cover on the intake manifold. On the left side, the hose is plugged up, on the right side; the hose connects to the fuel pressure regulator.


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    For example, in a recent case, Internet users were enticed to use software that would disconnect them from their local Internet provider and redial (with the modem speaker disabled, of course) to a number that appeared to be in Moldova (eastern Europe). The only content I would ban would be such things as child pornography, where the content is illegal irrespective of how it is delivered.

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    Some Tea Party-affiliated Republicans, such as Michele Bachmann, Jeff Duncan, Connie Mack IV, Jeff Flake, Tim Scott, Joe Walsh, Allen West, and Jason Chaffetz, voted for progressive Congressman Dennis Kucinich's resolution to withdraw U. The Tea Party movement has both been cited as an example of grassroots political activity and has also been described as an example of corporate-funded activity made to appear as spontaneous community action, a practice known as "astroturfing." An October 2010 Washington Post canvass of local Tea Party organizers found 87% saying "dissatisfaction with mainstream Republican Party leaders" was "an important factor in the support the group has received so far".

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