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It’s hard — unbelievably so — but the positives outweigh the negatives. What is your favorite editing tool, and do you use it in your remembrance photography as well?


For remembrance photography, I edit in black and white, and use PS for skin smoothing. It took 4 of us to get one picture of her for Christmas! This has been a hot topic of interest in the NAPCP Member Community.SHOWstudio are pleased to announce that the winner of our first SHOWstudio Fashion Film Award is Maksim Bashkaev, with his film 'Outlaw.' Thank you to all our finalists, Jon Jacobsen, Kenji Hirano, Adam Csoka Keller, Lauren Smith & Helena Charlton-Jones (That Girl That Edits), Carioca, Rasa Juskeviciute, John Artur and Udocorg, as well as QIC Global Real Estate, Red Digital Cinema and Sigma Imaging and all those who participated and submitted their fashion films.



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