Kolkata boudi night room

But certainly, it’s not always about biryani or pizza.So, if you want Thai, Japanese, Burmese or Chinese dishes, Captain Chang is just a call away.Fitted with double glazed windows, topped with high ceilings and afforded ample space, they are an oasis of tranquility in the heart of the city.Step out and experience Kolkata, the City of Joy, or relax in an armchair and enjoy the view.

For those 3 AM Chicken Tikka cravings If you live in West Delhi and craving chicken tikka, maggi or paneer tikka at 3 in the morning, look no further.

Many residential and commercial projects are under construction and many had already started their operation from the same locality. The new launch properties are much beneficial instead of resell properties.

Exhaust chimney Toilets Provision of Hot & cold water connections in every toilet New Town action area 3 is the fastest developing area of New New town smart city.

They have a variety of items on their menu from Som Tum Salad, Glass Dumplings, Massaman Curry to Khow Suey. Delhi’s winter weather is perfect for midnight munching and who cares about those diet plans anymore.

To satiate your midnight sweet cravings, Kamla Nagar’s Cake Bake Shake is where you need to call.ALSO READ: Tornado Potato Fries: How to make South Korea’s delicious street food at home #Dabba Goals For your midnight kebab cravings Midnight Meat Treat might have a limited menu but it, surely, is a non-vegetarian’s delight.



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