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The men here are," she paused to find the right word, "terrible." Though she had recently started dating someone, her attitude toward love mirrored the other women I'd met: guarded, taken with a grain of salt, almost a "take it or leave it" mentality.

I thought a lot about this in contrast with the way American women think about love.

The subject of men, it seemed, was the farthest thing from her mind.


In America, we're Romance Pollyannas of sort; and being single somehow feels shameful, the quest for love exhaustively ever-present.

I asked Claire, my most adventurous girlfriend, to tag along.

We each bought enormous down jackets, packed our warmest sweaters, and embarked on an adventure across the world.

) 36-year-old women, in Moscow—on Valentine's Day.

This year, my friend Claire and I found ourselves, two divorced (Claire, almost-divorced), moderately disillusioned (jaded?

Anna laughed as if she found my question quite unexpected and somewhat hilarious.


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    The reasons presented in the video are based on some false assumptions, and while the conclusion may sound convincing from a monogamist point of view, it is (sadly) not grounded in the reality of polyamorous relati...

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    This Asiatic phenomena shows that, over one-half of the Northern parts of the Northern Hemisphere, water and ice rolled in a southerly direction and over the opposite parts of the Northern Hemisphere a wave, of water only, passed over the land, going in a northerly direction." *Trivia: "The earth has been subjected to two forms of cataclysms, arising from two distinct causes.

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