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When it breaks open, the contents spill out for all to grab and enjoy.

During the Christmas season, the pinata can add a festive feel to the décor.

All they need is a passport, which any Mexican woman can obtain, unless they have a criminal record - in which case you really need to rethink your choice in potential mates, buddy! Vacation on world-class beaches on two long and diverse coastlines; lounge and bask in sun-filled colonial cities; or enjoy the cosmopolitan richness and international lifestyle of Mexico City, the third largest city in the world. If you want, you can easily visit for a few days, stay a few weeks, or take up residence for months or years at a time.

The vast variety of foreigners in search of Mexican brides makes for an interesting population of expats.

So, when you're not out in search of you're a Mexican girlfriend, you will find a wonderful group of friendly expats from all over the world. You can meet sophisticated, intelligent, and accomplished women in Mexico City, often referred to as "Chilangas".

The term is sometimes used in a derogatory fashion by other Mexicans, jealous of the sophistication and urbanity of their Mexico City neighbors.

But, if you're a man looking for a great woman from Mexico, you will definitely want to check out some bright and beautiful Chilangas.


Mexican tradition uses earth tones for Christmas, as opposed to the American red and green.No Mexican Christmas is complete without a nacimientos. New pieces might be added each year for a truly remarkable display.Christmas ornament with a Mexican flair add a rustic beauty to any traditional tree.This large representation is used on the February 2 holiday of , or Day of Purification.

On this holiday, a party is the final celebration of the Christmas season.

Mexican Christmas decorations reflect the colorful history of a rich culture.


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