Kandi burruss gerald levert dating

If you date someone for two years and you’re deeply in love and ready to get married before you introduce them to your child, but then they meet your child and you see they aren’t good with kids or they are mean or they really just don’t connect with your child, would you still marry them? Todd asked Riley for her blessings before he proposed to me, and she was standing right there for moral support when he popped the question.

It meant everything to me that she was happy about it.

I said to her no that’s not cool because she doesn’t need to meet every guy I date.

I didn’t want her to see different men coming around.

I think Mo'nique got jealous about that but Gerald said that him & Kim have been friends for a long time cause they lived down the street from each other when they were kids & they went to high school together in Cleveland. ;) As far as him liking big woman, he would crush a small one!!

:lol: Hell yeah he would crush a small woman hahahahahahahahaha.

Friends with Bernie Mac, Cedric the Entertainer, D. Hughley, Guy Torry, George Lopez, Mike Epps, David Alan Grier, Tim Allen, Margaret Cho, Brian Mc Knight, Magic Johnson, Chris Tucker, Sinbad, Anthony Anderson, Kym Whitley, Louie Anderson, Sheryl Underwood, Tyra Banks, Trey Songz, Holly Robinson Peete, Morris Chestnut, Hill Harper, Martin Lawrence, Drew Carey, and Ellen De Generes.


I'm interested to hear your thoughts on what Kandi has to say about pre-nups and how she approached balancing dating and her daughter!), and she is no different when writing her weekly blog entry for Bravo.



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