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There are a bunch of professional people on it and many of the members belong to SHHH (Self-Help for the Hard of Hearing).If you think this fits your interests, you can subscribe by mailing to " " with a blank subject line and the message "subscribe beyond-hearing".The Deaf Resource Library was created in 1995 and is being maintained by myself, Karen Nakamura.

I would kindly suggest asking the research librarian at your local college for assistance.Please check it out if you think I'm missing anything.


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    You can save these searches for future use, which I found helpful because new members join every day.

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    This runs contrary to the conventional wisdom that Democrats and Republicans would have us believe, but unfortunately it is true. government wants to spend more money than it takes in (which happens constantly), it has to go ask the Federal Reserve for it. They even secretly loaned out hundreds of billions of dollars to foreign banks.

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    He believes the scientific value of meteorites is far greater than their monetary value.

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    At the command prompt type:- Kudos to Jesper Johansson's blog for that little gem, and he seems to be keeping close tabs on the situation and has comprehensive page regarding this issue - I recommended a visit if you are suffering from the Windows XP SP3 0x0000007E blues(creen).

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