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The coalition of parties in political power during the post-war decade piled tariff upon tariff in favour of local secondary industries, and sponsored crude plans to exploit the Australian market in favour of struggling export industries.Their talk ran high of making Australia another United States, drawing increased wealth from the interchange of products within the national boundaries.Production Notes: The Australian (1948) edition of this book has been scanned and converted to text, the only change to which here has been that superscripted footnotes at the bottom of the page have been transformed into bracketed notes defined by asterisks and placed at the end of the relevant paragraph. Eggleston, but it is fitting that they should be preceded by an outline of the private activity which they have been ostensibly designed to foster.following account of Australian economic development attempts, to keep in the forefront the private activities by which British settlers in Australia have transformed a prison-yard and hunting-ground of savages into a productive annexe to Europe and Asia, proud of using its labour-saving methods as means to general well-being. Studies of government expenditure on development are being made, notably in the work of the Hon. The scene of the new beginning here studied was a distant and at first despised part of the dowry of that fairest mistress "Trade", for whom Britain, Holland and France long fought.This book would not have been written but for the encouragement given to the author by Professor Ernest Scott, as Australian Adviser for the seventh volume of the Cambridge History of the British Empire. In early Sydney this special department of British life was separated, isolated and given the appearance of a new community.The author's thanks are also due to the Syndics of the Cambridge University Press for their permission to incorporate in this work the substance of his contributions to that volume. But it proved difficult to introduce into it the main activities of a self-providing society.Without restraint upon external borrowing, no economy can continue sound. Unlucky delays in re-victualling the little white population made equal rations an established rule of early Sydney. It confirmed in economic childishness that first company of marines and convicts.But there is no inconsistency between continued activity in international trade and financial self-reliance. Nor is there reason to doubt that all-round progress in the arts would come unforced from a policy of fruitful trade and international good feeling, and would make Australia greater in the councils of the nations and a stronger member of the British Commonwealth than she is to-day. Neither criminals nor warders make a positive contribution to the social economy of production and exchange.

And Britain's industrial responsibilities as centre of the world economy have again been divided amongst pupils and partners.Three times in the last fifty years, however, Australians of the rank and file have had the chance to verify what "the papers" told them of the changing world. Dalley sent the New South Wales contingent to Suakim, colonials on active service were scarcely taken seriously: John Bull could thrash the dervishes easily enough.



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