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He took off the back pack he was wearing and took several strands of rope and tied Moms hands to each of the two post at the head of the bed.

He then tore moms blouse off and ripped her bra off.

I reached over and placed my hand on her boob that was a little bit bigger than I was and I started to massage it and run my thumb over her nipple.When he finished the other Mom was spread eagled on her own bed. Then the Black man tied my hands together and tied me to the left foot post. When they came back the Black man pulled Moms tape off and said “Now where are your valuables? Wow said the smaller one we really hit pay dirt here. He was enormous, at least nine inches and about the size of my wrist.He took some tape and put it over each of our mouths. If you lie to me I will hurt you and your daughter something awful. ” She told him about the safe in their walk in closet and gave him the combination. He got between Moms legs and shoved that huge dick up into Moms vagina making Mom scream through her gag and I think she momentarily fainted.I play soccer and basketball for our high school and I was a sophomore. Our house is way up in the hills and our front gate is ¼ mile from the house. I was real excited because my Dad promised he would be home in time for it and I’m pretty sure he is going to give me a car. And Mom has been letting me drive the car to the store and shopping center close by.


It was a little after six when we got back and I had pulled Mom’s Mercedes into the garage.She was shoving that tongue all over the inside of my mouth.



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