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Roughly one-third of the indigenous population lives in the north, including Voltaic peoples in the northeast and Mandé in the northwest.The Fêtes des Masques, (Festival of Masks) held in December in the region of Man is one of Ivory Coast's biggest and best-known festivals.The Akan is the major cultural group of the Ivory Coast, with a population of approximately 8 million.The Baule, the Akye, the Anye, the Asante and the Aowin are all Akan peoples.Bouffe The traditional diet in Ivory Coast is very similar to that of neighboring countries in its reliance on grains and tubers, but Ivorians have a particular kind of small, open-air restaurant called a maquis that is unique to them.Attiéké (grated cassava) is a popular Ivorian side dish.Competitions between villages are held in order to find the best dancers, and to pay homage to the forest spirits embodied in the intricate masks.Another important event is the week long carnival in Bouaké each March.


It is held to be dangerous for others to wear ceremonial masks, because it is believed that each mask has a soul, or life force, and that when a person's face comes in contact with the inside of the mask, the person is transformed into the entity the mask represents.

Each of these groups has their own history, economy, religion, & art, although each shares many things in common with the other groups of the Ivory Coast.



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