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Oh, and in doing so, she becomes the first openly transgender candidate elected to a state legislature in American history.



As mentioned above, Gillespie did embrace some of Trump’s agenda, even if he didn’t exactly say he loved Trump.And as the night progresses, it’s looking like it will be even better than they might have hoped.Democrats’ redistricting hopes: After the 2016 election, the Fix’s Amber Phillips and I spotlighted seven governors’ races in the coming years that would be huge for Democrats’ ability to prevent another drubbing in redistricting after the 2020 Census. Basically, Democrats in many swing states are in such rough shape in their state legislatures that they need to win the governor’s mansion to prevent the GOP from drawing their next state legislative and congressional maps.The rest of the business income would be taxed at the business owner’s individual income tax rate. law, finance or medicine) that earn more than ,000 (0,000 per married couple) would not be able to take the deduction.


The National Federation of Independent Business said it was “encouraged” by the Senate plan that “includes real tax relief” for small businesses. The rich get a tax cut from 39.6 percent to 38.5 percent.

But think about what this says to other Republicans who may be on the fence about how to handle Trump in their races.


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    Twitter and Facebook are in line to join both the increased reality and virtual reality.

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    This is especially true for those Greeks who no longer live in Greece itself, but may still want to find other Greeks who share their heritage and ethnicity.

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