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The town is primed for the arrival of Shannan Ponton and Commando,. Commando Steve of Biggest Loser fame, also partner and baby daddy to Michelle.The actress has posed for pictures as her new character Corporal Georgie Lane as she films scenes in South Africa.Michelle teamed hers with a a plunging Camilla kaftan, while the Commando wore a collared shirt with upturned cuffs and jeans, along with his signature shades.

his wife and young children and begun dating fellow trainer, Michelle Bridges. Yes, they technically did meet on a dating show and yes, they have. The Biggest Losers Michelle Bridges and Steve Commando Willis.The Commando has three children aged, six, three, and15, from two previous relationships. Thanks for your well wishes and for asking me about our big news!The hot-and-heavy couple wore their causal kicks to an event in Sydney earlier this week.MICHELLE finally admitted is dating Willis come clean commando - admitting are activity transmission made.

Much is made of Ararat in the opening of The Biggest Loser on Sunday.That’s it.”She has also given an interview to Who magazine to be published next week.


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