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Many TGNC adolescents, like most people of any age undergoing a significant life change, will benefit from ongoing therapy during both pubertal suppression, and the first few years of gender-affirming hormone administration, and perhaps, beyond.Despite increasing visibility and acceptance, TGNC youth are likely to experience transphobia and its negative consequences, and may benefit from ongoing support.At this stage of development, no medical intervention is warranted or necessary.For young children, decisions must be made to create safe environments that promote healthy growth and development.Children as young as 18 months old have articulated information about their gender identity and gender expression preferences.Most parents are at a loss as to how to best help their child, and may seek the advice of a professional; commonly a psychiatrist or pediatrician.Professionals can model appropriate use of names and pronouns in the presence of parents and caregivers.


Staff and provider inquiry about, and consistent use of appropriate pronouns and name is the first, and potentially most important step toward creating a culturally sensitive and welcoming environment.

Mental health providers also play a major role in educating parents, family members, schools and others about the needs of TGNC youth, as well as advocating for the young person across multiple domains.


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