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) So obviously, Fitness Singles was the perfect way to break the ice.We had the typical online dating beginning, chatting online for a few days, chatting on the phone for a few days… We met for lunch at a fun restaurant at the mall — yes, I played it safe (i.e.I could talk with Josh for hours about anything and he always had me laughing!Of course, I thought he was handsome, but how he made me feel really attracted me to him.Not wanting the night to end, we went to a coffee shop before Josh dropped me home.I knew I would have a great time with Josh as we had spoken for two weeks on the phone before our first date.His good looks and physically fit bod were a bonus.😉 Whether we’re out on a run, in the gym, on a hike or relaxing on the couch with a cup of coffee in hand, our common interests allow us to be adventurous, have fun and enjoy each others time together. We may have not found each other without the help of Fitness Singles. Married September 10, 2011 Thank you for your amazing service!



She: a bodybuilding psychotherapist, mom of three date, public place) — and the conversation was effortless. Andy was traveling a lot with a reality show he was shooting with Discovery Channel and I had begun training on my own with clients. We had a wonderful visit, but the time change was killing me and after three days I still hadn’t been able to sleep. On the way to wherever we were going, Andy insisted on stopping to pick a ton of frangipanis and put them in a paper bag.


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