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Lee Daniels gave me my first shot at TV, saying ‘You’re going to come do an episode of.

Ironically, it hasn’t been women who have helped me out.

With Happy, the father figure, he just wants his sons to love him. Even between the brothers, Henry and Jamie, Henry has that salt-of-the-earth masculinity but, behind that, there’s this blustering person who wants to prove himself to his wife. Like, when you’re in a cocktail room and people aren’t even considering you could be a filmmaker.

There has been criticism and outrage, vitriol and hate.

Kean Mc Dowell and his lady love, Heidi Calloway, learned to ignore the bigots and the haters, and live their lives as they saw fit.

In 1997, Kean graduated from the University of Toronto with his civil engineering degree, and began working for Hydro Ontario.

Perhaps, if we are willing to follow their example, love can defeat the scourge of racism.


In a world where Donald Trump can rise to the presidency on a tide of racial resentment and a bevy of racist comments, we need hope.

He had a front-row seat for the Brexit vote that succeeded thanks to a campaign that demonized black and brown immigrants while convincing Britons to leave the European Union.


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    [Mac Kenzie, 151] The Muilearteach was an ocean Cailleach armed with “two slender spears of battle.” Upon her head the Muilearteach had “gnarled brushwood, like the clawed old wood of aspen root.” [Ross, 233] Another blue-faced crone was Black Annis, who lived in a cave in Leicestershire.

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