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Uncle Leo: They don't just overcook a hamburger, Jerry. Anyway, the point I was making before Goerbbles made your hamburger is a man like you could be dating women twenty years younger. You've got beautiful features, lovely skin, you're in the prime of your life here, you should be swinging. It appears you will not be accompanying me to Africa. Peterman walks past Elaine's open office door and pauses. You're the only one I know who's got the good stuff, and I need it bad, baby, cause I feel like I got bugs crawling up my skin. Morty: Helen, did you know that they tape this thing in the afternoon? Elaine: Georgie, how come your parents never moved to Florida? Jerry: Yeah, all right, well I got some people here. (Grabs Kramer by the collar) I won't have you turning my office into a den of iniquity! (Throws Kramer out and slams the door closed) Elaine: Mr Peterman!


126 pc: 715, season 7, episode 16 Broadcast date: 15 February 1996 The Cast Regulars: Jerry Seinfeld................... Cosmo Kramer Guest Stars: Wayne Knight..................... Peterman sent me over here for a physical because as you may or may not know, he and I are going on a trip to Kenya. Any thought pops into their head they're calling me because it's a local call now.

Jerry: The only way out of this is if Leo breaks up with his girlfriend and has to move back into the apartment and then they would have to go back to Florida.

Morty: Jerry, what time do we have to be at the the Tonight Show on Thursday.


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