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We have been hosting free online chat rooms sense 2010 and have been doing a great job at it.

We now support mobile devices on our chat rooms and website.

Not only does our chat site support mobile devices but our new chat software also supports mobile devices. As of right now only Andriod devices will allow you to cam up on our free online sex chat rooms.

Most of your mobile devices should be able to chat inside of the chat rooms without any issues.

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We have free online adult chat / sex chat rooms for everyone over the age of 18.

No registration is needed for mobile devices just as our desktop site.

Please keep in mind that not everything will work on mobile chat as it does on a desktop chat.



If for some reason you get banned from the chat room please try out another site.

Our free online sex chat / adult chat rooms are now running on a chat room software developed by Online Free Chat. This chat software will also includes alot of the chat features. This free online sex mobile chat is built from the bottom up to support mobile devices inside and out. You can now browse our website using your mobile device.


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    Run by my husband and myself, we offer the opportunity for you to exchange messages with others and potentially meet that someone special, all without paying a penny.

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