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I have found most men like to exercise out their emotions, which works wonders in calming them down. It is important to understand it is not who does their behavior remind you of but rather what experience does the feelings YOU are having remind you of.Another thing is to not take personally the mood swings. Engaging in the anger does no good and just ramps things up to a destructive level so avoid it at all costs. The single most common issue that keeps people in a bad relationship is their not wanting to be alone.just let me catch the end of this game and I’m all yours.” (He’s not very interested in the long version that he wasn’t part of) “But I haven’t seen you all day. ” (Feeling replaced and neglected) “Baby, I know there’s a lot going on but I’m beat. If it was ever present, future talk is waning rapidly.I need to relax a little.” Knows he better take some time first or the game will be over, and he isn’t looking forward to a rehash he wasn’t part of anyway) However, when a guy seeming super connected at times but goes AWOL on a regular basis without explanation, there are certain behaviors that could be red flags for a guy who is suspect: 1. If the answers to these questions are bothersome, you’re going to have to do or say something.They have absolute intent to return when they’ve fulfilled other priorities.Most women, on the other hand, run all of their other interests through their relationships. ” (Pushing for reassurance) “No, babe, I was just focusing on other things.For too many people, being in a relationship gives them some sort of validation.


The partner that is right for you will have mutual trust, respect, and communication. Afraid to confront, afraid to keep silent – What do you do?!? So you ask him about the future of the relationship and he gives you a look that you know a not so simple question is sure to follow – What do you mean? He says he’s ok and you should not worry, but you do. And once again you find yourself back at the same old road – afraid to confront but afraid to keep silent. When you feel like you are in a vortex of he loves me he loves me not, then it is time for you to have a grown up conversation.I tell my clients that it is ok to feel bad it is not ok to act bad! If some one is talking to you disrespectfully, you have the right to leave the area and go to a quieter setting. If you are getting hooked, then ask yourself “why” and work on not getting hooked.Discuss with your partner ways that he or she can let some steam off with out it impacting you. A question to ask yourself is “who does this remind me of” and trust the first answer that pops in.They keep their partner close to their hearts whatever they are doing. I was busy.” (At least he’s telling the truth) “Does that mean I don’t matter to you as much anymore? Really, we’re fine.” (Wondering why she is worried) Or: “I’m so glad you’re home.

That fuels the age-old misunderstanding when they reconnect and women want to hear all about a man’s day, and he is only interested in what is currently going on between them. I have so much to tell you.” (Bursting to share her day) “Sure, hon.

The periods of time he’s spending disconnected are increasing in duration and frequency. He frequently breaks plans at the last minute or forgets he’s even made them. He seems more preoccupied and shares less of what he’s feeling or thinking even when you make it clear that you’re interested and available. When you ask him whether he still loves you, he answers perfunctorily and wants to change the subject. The re-connections between you are more and more initiated by you. But, before the ultimatum challenge of “I noticed that you’re different with me. Please tell me if you’re on your way out or need us to do something to regenerate,” it’s important to take stock of what your guy is going through or who he is, and what might be happening in his life that’s not about you.


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