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The covers are made from quality Designers Guild fabric in a rainbow of seven bright colours – from hot pink to cobalt blue.

Buy now The typical style of this armchair is one you’ll see in many versions – George Home’s Natalie chair makes a good stab of it for the price.

As with most large and bulky furniture, there can be long lead times as certain products are made to order. John Lewis Mario Armchair: £889, John Lewis The strong silhouette of the Mario armchair is its stand-out feature – its flared arms and high back look particularly striking upholstered in an inky blue.

The chair’s hardwood frame is robust and man-made (John Lewis guarantee it for 10 years) and the comfortable cushions are a mix of foam and fibre.

Its soft upholstery fabric comes in six neutral colours. Laura Ashley Burlington Leather Chair: from £750, Laura Ashley The granddaddy of armchairs on our list has to be the Burlington by Laura Ashley.

Designed to “resemble a family heirloom” it has generous dimensions and comes in eight types of leather that will age naturally over time. Neptune George Armchair: From £910, Neptune Neptune’s George armchair has a balance of tradition and modernity that should make it at home in most interiors.


With most in the £500-1000 range, a good armchair should be seen as an investment.

"How can anyone, even skilled conspirators, predict with perfect accuracy the outcome of a car crash?

How can they know in advance that a man will go to a certain pay phone at a certain time, so that he can see a particular truck he needs to see?

" have to establish a character as The Chessmaster for them to be able to pull it off without arousing your audience's skepticism.

If the character pulling the roulette is a god, a person with precognition, a hyper-advanced AI, or someone else with similar abilities interacting with mortals, it becomes more believable, but even then the suspension of disbelief can be tenuous at best.

When a dozen things are going on but the actual details of the plan aren't reliant on each item fortuitously fitting into place, then it is just a regular Gambit Pileup.


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