Hannah montana and jonas brothers dating

The episode was first aired after the premiere of the Disney Channel Original Movie High School Musical 2 and a sneak peek of the then new series Phineas and Ferb. Jonas" is the 42nd episode of the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana, and features the Jonas Brothers as special guest stars.It was such an important episode to the series, as it was the first one that ever aired.Don't forget, this is also the episode when Miley applied ketchup to Corbin Bleu's character's hands as a moisturizer.Miley's dad, however, says she can't go unless she passes her class.She creates a song that helps her to remember everything she needs to know for her test, and she ends up passing the class. In this two-part cliff-hanger, Jake returns after three months of shooting a movie that he left for right after kissing Miley for the first time, (number 5). Miley had to choose between the boy she had history with--Jake, and the bad boy who played guitar in her band--Jesse.Miley was trying out for the cheerleading squad at school, but also wanted to spend more time with Lilly, so she convinced Lilly to try out for the squad with her.

They have since starred in the film Camp Rock and the series Jonas, among other programs.

She forgave him, thankfully, and they dated again for a little while. In this episode, we question whether or not Hannah Montana will be ending.

The dramatic moment when Miley revealed that she's Hannah happened in this episode. This was the very last episode of Hannah Montana, and Miley managed to get in to Stanford.

She decided to be roommates with Lilly and spend the next four years of her life at Stanford.


It is also the highest-rated episode of Hannah Montana ever.This episode was when Miley's evil cousin, Luann, came to visit.



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