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She also could not understand why the group was trying to reach out to existing Christians to get them to repent and be rebaptised.

Both spoke of the emotional difficulty they experienced on leaving the group. In the middle of the article is interposed a section, in a box, headed "Why People Join Cults" and the author analyses how cult groups satisfy certain basic needs of people. At the end of the article, there is a note saying: "Attempts to interview the leaders of both the AOG and CCC were not successful. The Impact article was picked up by two newspapers, the New Paper and the Wan Bao. On 23 November 1991, the New Paper, which is an afternoon English tabloid, carried on its front page in 2-inch bold type the loud headline "2 CULTS EXPOSED".

The following are some of the statements in this part of the article. Other churches are not true congregations until they are "reconstructed" 5. The group teaches baptismal regeneration and practices rebaptism.

Only those baptised by the group are truly baptised. The movement has a pyramid-type organisation, and expects total commitment to the leadership. The disciple has to report to the discipler exactly how he spent his time and who he was with. The article continues with extracts of interviews with two persons who had left the group.


The second article is headed "AOG & CCC They're Not What You Think." In this article, two hooded figures are shown facing a young lady, against a background of an MRT station.

But they were never able to reconcile what the group taught them with what they had been taught previously, such as in the area of baptism.


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