Gay dating for taboo


But by the time I went to college, to pursue my dual majors in secondary education and English, I had matured quite nicely.I was then, and still am petite, at five feet and four inches tall and weighing one hundred and twenty pounds.I got a job teaching English at a high school north of Orlando, and lived in a small apartment as I got settled in.I also took on additional responsibilities as the faculty advisor for the varsity cheerleaders.



I was very hot looking, and he bragged about my beauty and sexy body as a badge of honor for himself.

It enhanced his ego to be able to share me with others, and he loved to watch me being fucked.

Although I kept up my studies and grades, by the time I began my junior year, I was a total submissive, slut, party girl who was regularly fucking Kevin and eight of his friends.

My name is Annie, and my husband Bill and I live in a bedroom community north of Orlando, Florida.

We had been married for eight years at the time the main events of this story began, when I was thirty-two years old and Bill was thirty-eight.

She invited Bill to be my blind-date, and I was thrilled to meet him.


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