Fusion dating

Once the positively-charged nuclei are close enough together (within several 10 high densities.

At high temperatures the nuclei move fast enough to be driven close enough together for them to fuse.

Astronomers have known for a long time that the Sun produces a tremendous amount of energy.

The first part of this section will try to give you an idea of how much energy it produces.

You will see in the next chapter that these ultra-extreme conditions occur in the final stages of a star's life cycle after the main sequence stage.


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It was the fact that the Sun could not last long enough being powered by gravitational contraction that motivated the search for nuclear power sources.

Nuclear power is the only thing left to power the Sun for as long as it has been shining. They both transform the To get the positively-charged nuclei to fuse together, their electrical repulsion must be overcome (remember that like charges repel and opposite charges attract---something that rarely happens in human interactions).

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