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Paddy’s is kid friendly and there’s always lots of parking and great events including Monday Night Trivia, Wednesday night Kids Nights, Thursday Non-profit nights July 4th Fireworks and the always popular DJ Dance Parties.

EARTH - marijuana cigarettes EASING POWDER - opium EASY LAY - Gammahydroxybutyrate (GHB) EASY SCORE - obtaining drugs easily EATING - taking a drug orally E - BOMBS - MDMA ECSTASY - amphetamine-type drug with hallucinogenic effects EDWARD - ecstasy EGG - crack EGGS - temazepam capsules EGYPTIANS - MDMA EIGHT BALL - 1/8 ounce of drugs EIGHTBALL - 1/8 ounce of drugs EIGHTBALL - crack mixed with heroin EIGHTH - eighth of an ounce EKIES - ecstasy ELEPHANT - heroin ELEPHANT - marijuana ELEPHANT - PCP ELEPHANT FLIPPING - PCP ELEPHANT FLIPPING - MDMA ELEPHANT TRANQUILLISER - PCP EMBALMING FLUID - PCP EMERGENCY GUN - instrument used to inject other than syringe EMSEL - morphine ENERGISER - PCP ENDO - marijuana ENOLTESTOVIS - injectable steroid EPHEDRONE - methcathinone E - PUDDLE - sleeping due to MDMA use/exhaustion EQUIPOSE - veterinary steroid ERTH - PCP ESRA - marijuana ESSENCE - MDMA ESTUFFA - heroin ET - Alpha - Ethyltryptamine E-TARD - person under the influence of MDMA EVE - MDEA EVERCLEAR - cocaine EVERCLEAR - Gammahydroxybutyrate (GHB) EXPLORERS CLUB - group of LSD users EYE OPENERS - crack or amphetamine F F-40S - barbiturates FACTORY - equipment for injecting FACTORY - place where drugs are packaged, diluted, or manufactured FALL - to be arrested FANTASIA - ecstasy FANTASIA - mescaline FANTASIA - dimethyltryptamine FANTASY - ecstasy FARMER’S - farmer’s daughter - quarter (1/4) FAST - amphetamine FAT BAGS - crack FATTY - marijuana cigarette FEED BAG - container for marijuana FEELY FEELY ROOM - room for sensual contact FELIX THE CAT - LSD FERRY DUST - heroin FESTI - ravers term for festivals FI-DO-NIE - opium FIELDS - LSD FIEND - someone who smokes marijuana alone FIFTY-ONE - crack FINE STUFF - cannabis FINGER - cannabis cigarette FINGERS - cannabis resin FINK - informant FIR - marijuana FIRE - crack and methamphetamine FIRE - to inject a drug FIRE IT UP - to smoke cannabis FIRST LINE - morphine FISH SCALES - crack FIVES - amphetamine FIX - injecting drugs FIXING - injecting drugs FIXED - under influence of drug FIZZIES - methadone FLAG - appearance of blood in the vein FLAKE - cocaine FLAKE OUT - lose consciousness FLAME COOKING - smoking cocaine base by putting the pipe over a stove flame FLAMETHROWERS - cigarette laced with cocaine and heroin FLASH - LSD FLASH - the rush of cocaine injection FLASHBACKS - hallucinations which occur sometime late after regular use of hallucinogenic drugs FLAT BLUES - LSD FLAT CHUNKS - crack cut with Benzocaine FLATLINERS - ecstasy FLEA POWDER - poor quality drugs FLEX - fake crack FLOATING - under influence of drugs FLOWER - cannabis FLOWER TOPS - cannabis FLUNITRAZEPAM - generic name for date rape drug which causes loss of memory (also called rohypnol).GBL - Gamma Butyrolactone, used in making Gamma Hydroxybutyrate GEAR - drugs GEE - opium GEEK - crack and marijuana GEEP - methamphetamine GEEZE - injection of narcotics GEEZER - to inject a drug GEEZIN A BIT OF DEE GEE - injecting a drug GEORGE - heroin GEORGE SMACK - heroin GERONIMO - alcohol and barbiturate mix GET A GAGE UP - to smoke marijuana GET A GIFT - obtain drugs GET DOWN - to inject a drug GET HIGH - to smoke marijuana GET LIFTED - under the influence of drugs GET OFF - to inject a drug or to get 'high’ GET THE WIND - to smoke marijuana GET THROUGH - obtain drugs GHANJA - cannabis GHB - gammahydroxybutyrate (4-Hydroxy-n-butyric acid) - a Class C 'date rape’ drug.


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