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You were rejecting the idea of 'There's only one star in the sky.' There are actually many stars in the sky, and for me to be in denial of that is hypocritical; there's a certain part of me that I am withholding from the rest of the world. ' And you go down that rabbit hole." Did I mention he's a lawyer? Neither wants to go into too much detail about all this.And it goes back to 'Do you have more than one kid? His specialty is bankruptcy, which he loves for the opportunity to plunge into chaos and find order."It was a step outside of the map I had for what family was," he continues, "the blue pill version of family." ("You take the blue pill, the story ends," says a character in . I wasn't particularly attracted to him, but I appreciated him for trying."John won't comment. I can't tell whether they think it's old news or if they're just afraid to rip off the scabs.Jen never actually moved in, just settled nearby, and moved on around the same time Tom did because she wanted John to herself—the first taste of the polyagony to come. After Jen, they say, John hooked up with another woman he doesn't want to name. Nan marked time with a guy named Steve and then a handsome party boy named Julio. Sometimes it hurt when I saw him taking his attention off me.… Oh, well."A moment later, another text arrives bearing what is, for Nan, perhaps the harshest judgment of all: "She was a monogamist."But these days, she'd really rather discuss all this on a scientific level.



(Komisaruk is known for, among other female-orgasmic things, discovering that vaginal stimulation dulls the pain of childbirth by blocking the neurotransmitter that sends the pain signal. But he also wakes up before dawn, gets to the office by seven, and serves as president of the local Rotary club ("The dizziness of contradictions: the only pleasure that remains once you've decided you know better than the world"—Chris Kraus,). Out loud, he reminds himself of his intention to be 100 percent honest. "That's the biggest crock of shit I've ever heard," Nan says."You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.")So what happened to Tom and Jen? Both of them tend to be a bit cerebral anyway, forever drawing lessons from their experiences. Nan talks about sinking into a "companionate relationship," a married woman's tendency to go into "sexual retirement," and the excitement of "new-relationship energy." Of course, you're going to get "ramped up in spontaneous desire for your new partner," she says.


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