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Review the Alaska Board of Examiners in Counseling Licensure page for links and resources.Clearances: Before practicing counseling in Alaska, either remotely or within the state, professionals must become Licensed Professional Counselors.Below are the steps necessary to obtain licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor after graduating with a Master’s in Counseling from University of Phoenix Clinical Mental Health Program.

The State advises that processing can take a minimum of three months.The LPC Resource Guide contains additional information on the application and the process.Note that documents provided to obtain the LAC, such as your transcripts, proof of residency and test scores, may already be on file and do not need to be included again with your LPC application.Apply for Licensure: After completing the 3,000 hours of experience, the NCE, and all of the requirements, you are eligible for licensure as an LPC.

Contact Information: AL Board of Examiners in Counseling 950 22nd Street North Suite 765 Birmingham, AL 35203 800/822-3307 205/458-8716 205/458-8718 (fax) Executive Officer Florence J. [email protected]: This summary of state licensure requirements is provided as a reference tool for our counseling students and graduates.

Clinical placement: An applicant for Licensed Professional Counselor must complete at least 3000 hours of experience supervised by a Board-approved supervisor in the practice of professional counseling.


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