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One Reach allows you to rapidly add the communication channels they want in a personal and contextual way that will surprise and empower your customers.

Data has never been more available than it is today.

What could be more attractive and interactive for a talkative visitor than a chat room?

The answer is- a neat, feature rich and easy chat room!

Hangouts—the popular app from Google—gives you the ability to get in touch with other Google users via messaging, video calls, and phone calls.

In this course, learn how to make full use of Hangouts.

Set up multiple users so that many people can chat over text or web chat.


Technology utilized: Java chat server and Flash chat client. It has text and video chat included, and it offers multiple skins, multilingual support and seamless integration to your database such as Joomla! "Benefits" The website owner sooner or later will realize that a live chat is one of the crucial elements required for sustaining the popularity of the site.

David Rivers begins with the basics, including a tour of the interface.

Next, he covers how to initiate one-on-one or group text chats.

Gone are the days when IVRs or telephony systems would take months to setup or modify.

One Reach’s cloud-based product allows you to build a communication system simply.Then, David walks through the various options for making phone and video calls through Hangouts, including how to facilitate group video meetings and share your screen during a call.


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