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As with Alexander Fleming and penicillin, some of the great discoveries of our time have happened by accident.On one foggy evening in Massachusetts, thanks to some inspiration from a videogame, we might have stumbled across a broadcasting innovation which will change how America’s best-loved sport is viewed forever.Take advantage of this incentive; you;ll get way more responses with a paid membership as you can send messages with priority on the phone personals networks.



Sky Cam’s ‘full’ debut was helped by some stunning early quarterback plays that really showcased its strengths, and never more than when Ben Roethlisberger tossed a 41-yard bomb to Antonio Brown after just two minutes where the ball rocketed in a straight line away from the camera. Registration takes place almost instantly and you are not experiencing difficulties. Statistics using this site says that users like it.Sky Cam is a computer-controlled, stabilised, cable-suspended camera system that is manoeuvred by two operators through the three-dimensional space of a stadium or arena to bring video game-like camera angles to television sports.

In simpler terms, it flies across the field using a system of cables pulled tight in different directions, providing camera angles we could never have dreamed of before.

"We've long talked about using Sky Cam more in the live play-by-play coverage of the game," Gaudelli would later tell , before conceding that they had never used it extensively because of "some of the system's limitations".


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