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Some have made comparisons among devices without reference to the U. a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved gold standard.

None proposed an error model or framework for device validation.

In total, 60 participants (29 men and 31 women) performed 80 tests (40 with each batch of devices, 20 men and 20 women).

Participant characteristics are presented in Table 1.

The aim of this work is to assess the accuracy of seven commercially available wrist-worn devices in estimating heart rate (HR) and energy expenditure (EE) and to propose a wearable sensor evaluation framework.

We evaluated the Apple Watch, Basis Peak, Fitbit Surge, Microsoft Band, Mio Alpha 2, Pulse On, and Samsung Gear S2.

No device achieved an error in EE below 20 percent.


Multiple e Pulse2 devices had technical problems during pre-testing and were therefore excluded.

We present here the first data from this study, derived from laboratory testing of consumer wrist-worn devices from the most commercially successful manufacturers.


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