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The court concluded, being mindful that Parliament "pointedly and specifically decided not to define an enduring relationship in terms of its longevity", concluded that on the facts, P and B were a couple for the purposes of s.54(2) (para 32).The status and legality of the commercial surrogacy agreement At the time of the surrogacy agreement and the birth of the twins, there was no governing legislation in force in Thailand in respect of commercial surrogacy agreements.



All persons, including representatives of the media, must ensure that this condition is strictly complied with. The court had concerns about the status and legality of the agreement entered into in Thailand, in addition to which there were the financial payments made in Thailand to the clinic and the surrogate which would require consideration under s 54(8). Commissioning parents of children born as a result of surrogacy agreements should be encouraged to apply to the court for parental orders so that the legal status of the children can be secured into adulthood and throughout their lives.She signed the Form C52, in Thai and English, in the presence of a notary on 16th June 2015 so acknowledging the applications in respect of the twins; which was filed at the Royal Courts of Justice on 24th June 2015.


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