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Yes, you can switch from paying to free when your current subscription period ends.

If your subscription runs out, you will automatically be switched to a free player and will remain a free player until you decide to re-subscribe.

You may also find transactions pending due to issues that crop up during the transaction process due to incorrect payment information to fraud checks, and even sources beyond our control like your bank.

If your transaction is still pending after 24 hours, you can contact customer support for further assistance on the cause of the delay.

We are planning to sell Funcom Points in-game at the in-game shop, but currently you can buy Funcom Points at the ‘Age of Conan: Unchained’ registration page by clicking on the “Buy Funcom Points” within the side panel of your account page.

You may also find a complete list of Funcom Point Packages and their costs on the same link.

I've only been coming to these chat rooms for like 5 or so months and have made BUNCHES of friends whom I love and cherish.



However, should you wish to purchase items from the store, or upgrade to a Premium subscription, you’ll need a valid payment method. We offer free chat rooms with private messaging with no registration needed. You can set your own avatar, tell people what country your from, give your age and gender.Our website is optimized to work on desktop, tablet and mobile phones. We also have an about me section so you can give a summary about your hobbies and who you are. It may be the difference between you getting a private message.We currently do not offer any phone support at this time.

You can reach the Funcom Customer Support Team via email at [email protected] [email protected] live chat by visiting the registration page and clicking on the “Live Chat” banner at the bottom of that page. Our chat room sharing include sharing pictures by uploading or linking to them. Easily fill out your profile so other members know more about you when checking you out.


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