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But what are the technologies responsible for this monumental transformation?One nursing professional – and author of a site called The Nurse Lady- offers these 19 technologies that changed nursing forever. Electronic IV monitors There was a time when IVs had to be administered with a nurse’s constant attention to ensure a steady flow.With an i Phone, users can access the Internet over the cellular network, but must pay a monthly data fee along with the phone bill. FNU supports both Apple and Android mobile devices and these mobile devices will be used throughout your educational career at the university.With a standard tablet, users must be connected to a wireless network in order to access the Internet, but there is no monthly fee. Please bring both your laptop and mobile device with you to Frontier Bound. You will have a hands-on, small group session with the IT Staff where you can ask technology questions and troubleshoot any problems with the devices.They also enhance safety and security with less effort and lower long-term cost. Compact, portable medical devices Combined with portable IT and communication equipment, these small, high-tech types of devices allow well-equipped nurses to take their skills on the road.



Now, with the advent of 4-D ultrasound, unprecedented detail is available for diagnosing fetal well-being.According to Kaplan Nursing, from small advances, like digital thermometers, to sophisticated strides, like laser surgery, health care as a whole has been on quite a rollercoaster - and nurses have been along for the ride.


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