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Chat is probably the best place to make shemale contacts!

Transvestites are people who like to wear the clothes of the opposite sex and often behave as a member of the opposite gender while the term “shemale” refers to male-to-female transgender people.

We are doing our best to create an atmosphere of mutual understanding and friendliness in our online community.

Transvestites and transgender people here have similar sexual interests that means they are much more likely to better understand each others needs and concerns.


Like every subculture transgender people form communities where they may meet each other, share their experience with like-minded people, have parties and much more.Also you may form your own Friends network and in addition view profiles in your friends' Friends networks.Find new transvestites, shemales and transgender friends in your area: UK, Europe, USA and other locations.We would recommend that you add one or more pictures to your profile since picture profiles get much more responses than faceless ones.


To increase your profile's popularity post instant video & audio clips.

The community is a safe place where you may introduce yourself with no risk of being rejected.


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