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Disclaimer: You may get scared by looking at so many new terms that you will come across in this Instructable if you are a total beginner to Raspberry Pi.;-) But trust me, there is literally NO CODING employed here and also this instructable is actually very simple and easy to implement. Ever wanted to know who had arrived at your door step when you were away from home?This would send an SMS to your number with message "Camera is not working Scenario 2: No person is detected in the image.This would be the case when small movements like a cat moving by, or when objects move by the PIR sensor which triggers the PIR sensor and then the image captured will be checked for a person in it.Wouldn't it be good to receive some kind of notification when someone arrives at your doorstep or if some activity is detected and you are away from home and offline at the same time.



All we need is a ----------Raspberry Pi (with Wi Fi)----------PIR sensor----------Power bank or a socket to power up the PI----------Old Smart Phone or IP-Camera (connected to the same network as Pi)The smartphone or the camera is placed in such a way that it can have a clear view of the doorstep.As you can see that since we are using a visual programming tool, almost no code is being written by us!In this project, The raspberry Pi doesn't do any image processing, All the computation is done by Watson.Ever wanted to know when they had tried to visit your home?

Also, are you curious to find out if any activity is detected, like maybe a cat waking in front of your home during night?It means a lot :)Advantages: Provides security for your home Allows you to monitor your home remotely Get notified when someone visits your home even when you are offline through SMS.


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