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Vo bharayi awaz mein bol padi,” Mere raju Devar, tum jo kaho ge teri bhabi sab karegi, devar raja.

Lagta hai mera devar jawan ho gaya hai aur apni bhabi ka khyal rakh sakta hai.

Neeru ne ek green color ki Tshirt aur patle se kapde ka baramuda pehna hua tha aur maa ne peticoat aur blouse pehna hua tha.


Naam tha “Maine Devar Ko Pataya” Padh kar mera lund akad raha tha aur mujhe apni bhabi ki yaad aa rahi thi.

Aur maine dekha ki Bhabi asal mein Mast Ram ki kitab hi padh rahi thee.

Mujhe dekh kar usska chehra lal ho gaya aur ussne kitab vapis kitabon mein rakh dee.” Itni der kaise lag gayi? Chalo padhayi shuru karen”Main chup chap baith gaya lekin mera dhyan padhayi mein nahin tha. Achanak Bhabi boli,” Kia baat hai tum har wakt essi vaissi kitaben hi padhte rehte ho?

” Bhabi ne haath aage badha kar mere lund ko pakad liya jo ki pehle se hi khada tha. Mera lund bhabi ke haath ke sparsh se baag baag ho gaya aur maine bhi hausla dikhate huye bhabi ki mast chuchi ko pakad kar masal diya,” Bhabi, saman to mujhe bhi aapka dekhna hai.

Vah bhabi, mera bhai gandu tha jo tere jaise maal ko chhod kar chala gaya” Bhabi ne mere kaan ko chum kar dheere se kaha” Tera bhai mujhe thandi karne ke kabil nahin tha.

Bhagwan ki kirpa se Raju jawan ho chuka hai, tum uss par apne husan ka jadu chala lo aur ghar emin hi chudayi leela shuru kar lo. Usski chuchian uthak baitrhak kar rahi thee aur mere pajame mein naag devta fir sir utha rahe thay. Maa thodi der mein apne kamre mein chali gayi aur Bhabi mere kamre mein dakhil hui. Tabhi Bhabi ne mera sir pakad kar apne seene par rakh diya aur mere balon mein unglian chalane lagi.” To Raju, mujhe bata ki tum padhte kab ho.


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